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Indigo is the first artificial intelligence platform that uses chatbots and machine learning in order to let businesses automate customized experiences with their customers via chat

Handle customer questions effortlessy: answer about anything automatically and in real-time.
Let customers know about your products and services via chat in real-time, as easily as talking with friends.
Broadcast customized messages to all of your customers at once: engage them, automatically.

The same voice through every channels

We develop chatbots that can be used by your customers wherever and whenever they want, from your Facebook page to your website (thanks to a floating widget)

Why us?

Customized UX: we develop chatbots tailored to your needs
Dedicated assistance, everytime you ask for it
Completely automated chats; there is no extra work for you
Our platform is always available, ready to answer 24/7/365
Personalised messages, therefore relevant
Multi-channel conversations, from Facebook to your website

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